Pointer Rescue - MA Announcement


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has issued a "Cease and Desist" notice to Pointer Rescue.Org instructing us to cease all rescue activity in the state.

As you may or may not be aware, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has instituted a ridiculously onerous set of restrictions and requirements for out-of-state rescues who wish to conduct rescue activities in MA. For example, in order to adopt a dog from outside of Massachusetts to a new loving family in Massachusetts, a rescue must first:

  1. Complete and submit a lengthy set of paperwork to the MA Department of Agriculture requesting to be approved to rescue in the state
  2. Register with the Attorney General's office, again requesting permission to rescue
  3. Any dog entering the state for foster and/or adoption must be quarantined for 48 hours in a state-approved quarantine facility at the rescue's expense
  4. After completing quarantine, the dog must be examined by, and issued a health certificate from, a licensed MA vet (even if the dog has already been issued a health certificate by another vet) - also at the rescue's expense

Based on these highly restrictive and costly conditions set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and pursuant to the Cease and Desist notice filed against PRO by the Commonwealth, we are unable at this time to accept any dogs from, or adopt any dogs to, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We encourage you to contact your legislator with questions.

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