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Adoption Information

Thank you for your interest in one of our adoptable pointers!

Please review the following information carefully.

***If you live in Massachusetts, please click HERE for important information.***

All PRO rescue dogs will be spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested and have had a veterinary physical before placement. To help defray those costs, PRO charges a $300 adoption fee for dogs under 1 year old, $250 for dogs aged 1 year - 7 years and $200 for dogs aged 8 years and older.
Once you and the foster home have agreed on adoption, you will receive a PRO contract. which can be printed and mailed with the adoption fee to our treasurer, Tabitha Andren 9949 Mallow St. Manassas, VA 20110.
Once our treasurer receives your contract and adoption fee, your adoption worker will notify you and the foster home and transportation will occur. If you are meeting the foster home directly you can give your adoption fee and contract directly to the foster parent as a respresentative of PRO.
Transport Policy:  We are a national rescue group and many foster homes and adopters wonder how we could possibly get them a dog that is several states away. We do have an excellent network of transport volunteers. If you wish to adopt from us (or foster) we do offer volunteer transport. We utilize volunteer drivers and pilots to move the dog from destination to destination and ask that you help drive a portion of the transport (generally a minimum of about 60 miles, more if you are willing!). For various reasons our limit for transporting is generally around 1500 miles from dog to adopter. If you are close to that limit, please ask your adoption coordinator about options. There are other options for transporting a dog including paid ground transport or commercial flights (the rescue does not cover these transport fees, but they may be paid by an adopter). Sometimes an adopter or foster home may offer to meet halfway or drive a longer amount to get the dog moved. If you do decide to go with the volunteer based transport option, please keep in mind that we often have a busy schedule moving dogs out of shelters and to adopters. We generally only run transports on weekends and have a limit of 1-4 per weekend. It may take a couple of weeks to get the transport arranged if using our volunteer based transport. Please donít let distance detract you from fostering or adopting from us!

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