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PointerRescue.Org, Inc., also known as Pointer Rescue or PRO, its volunteers, coordinators, representatives; AIT (our Internet hosting company) and its officers, employees, contractors and representatives; and any other person, firm or corporation involved with the efforts or business of this group, shall not be held liable or responsible for any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, loss of services, actions and causes of action incurred as a result of the provision or restriction of information, services, contacts, adoptions, fostering, veterinary care or by the actions of any and all dogs transferred or referenced herein.

It should be understood that applications for dog adoptions and for volunteering are subject to acceptance based on a review process that may require a home visit and/or collecting information from references. Decisions on placing dogs in adoptive and foster homes is an 'art,' not a 'science' -- there might be times when applications will be denied for various reasons. The PRO organization reserves the right to make all decisions regarding placement of any rescued dog in its care, whether in, or being placed in, a foster home, as to the final disposition of that dog. There is absolutely no guarantee made or implied that any person, or persons, requesting to adopt a Pointer being fostered through PRO will be granted an adoption, or that information provided to PRO regarding a Pointer allegedly needing rescue will be posted on this site!