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Little Macki Has a Big Heart!

Macki was initially picked up as a stray in Elverson, PA by kind rescuers around 6/6/00. However, his first foster home hadn't planned on his company and couldn't keep him long, so the search was on for a new foster home. Lucky for Macki, he found a great foster home with a PRO volunteer, Kimberly, in New Jersey.

Macki is a neutered liver and white male. He is estimated to be 3-4 years old and in good health. He is 20" at the shoulder and has put on weight since he's been in foster care. Macki has an 'undershot' bite (i.e., his lower front teeth meet in front of his top front teeth) but this doesn't affect his eating abilities or health -- his foster mom says it gives him an appealing expression! Macki's foster mom says he appears good with other animals and is gentle and non-aggressive, even when he was approached by another aggressive dog. However, he hasn't been well socialized around other dogs, and his foster home is working on this.

Macki's current foster mom says at first he didn't act like he had ever been in a house before, but he is quickly learning about the importance of couches and treats! She said, "The poor thing doesn't even know what a treat is. It's like he's been living in a cave." In fact he didn't know what to do with dog toys, but now plays with a ball (foster mom says this change has brought tears to her eyes). Thanks to Kimberly, Macki is learning how to be a loved household member and adjusting very well. He does well in his crate and seems to enjoy it -- and also travels well in a car. Kimberly says that Macki has had no training, but is learning to walk on a leash fairly well and pulls less with each trip. He shows a keen interest in small animals and birds, and is very intent on hunting -- and not afraid of loud noises. Right now he's being trained to a whistle and hand signals. Macki has take off from time to time, and needs more repeated work on the "recall" command. He loves to spend his days outside on the porch, and prefers to be out of doors in nice weather.

If you think Macki might be the dog for your home, contact Kimberly at Lilmzthang70@aol.com

Updated on Sunday, August 6, 2000 by Jeannette Potter, e-mail: jeannette.potter@pointerrescue.org