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Peach has been adopted.

It was late one evening in Miami when Josefina was driving behind another car. All of a sudden the lights go out in this other car. Josefina sees two white objects being thrown from the car! As she passes them, she sees it is 2 dogs...pointers, a young female and a puppy! Not able to get the license plate of the car, Josefina stops and rescues these 2 bewildered pointers! The puppy immediately found a home with a one of Josefina's relatives, but Peaches as she was now dubbed, needed a home. Josefina is very active with collie rescue, kept Peaches for a while, but recently she need the space for some collie rescues, so Peaches is now in upstate Florida, at a PRO foster home with another adoptable rescue, Sisko.

Peaches is a lemon and white spayed female around 2 years old and is very sweet. She is good around children, though may be a little exuberant for younger ones. She is good with cats and other dogs, but does try and show that she is the boss. She has an interest in birds, but may have an affliction with loud noises, so she may not be a hunting prospect. Peaches is very smart and really quick to learn. She even showed her present foster Dad that he had a loose board in his fence, by moving it aside an going next door to visit some friendly golden retrievers! But, she does not make her mission in life to try and escape the back yard; she does however need a fairly active home to keep her busy, so she doesn't need to find things like fence repair to occupy her time.

If you are interested in this Peachy girl, please contact the PRO Adoption Coordinator, Carrie at carrie.sablone@pointerrescue.org and she will put you in touch with the foster home.

Uploaded on Sunday, September 17, 2000 by Carrie Sablone, e-mail: carrie.sablone@pointerrescue.org