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Lucky is a lucky one

Lucky is a liver and white female about 1 year old. She is small, about 30 pounds, very loving, and has a puppy's energy. She has all her shots, is on heartworm preventative, and is being spayed. She has a small umbilical hernia which will be fixed when she is spayed, and poses no health problems after it is fixed. Lucky was rescued when a contractor was working on a house, and noticed her in the next yard. She was dirty, hungry, and depressed. He asked the owner about her, and was told she had stopped feeding the dog because she didn't like the dog. The next day, the contractor went back and asked about the dog again, and was told the owner had called animal control to take the dog. The contractor asked if he could have her instead, and was given permission to take her home. Lucky was taken to the vet and given a bath, her shots, tested for heartworm, and started on Sentinal, a heartworm and flea preventative. Then the people contacted Pointerrescue, and we took Lucky in. She is being crate trained and housebroken, plays well with other dogs and adults, has not been tested with children or cats, but has lots of energy. She probably doesn't hunt. If you are interested in Lucky, please fill out an adoption application and our adoption coordinator will contact you in a few days.

Uploaded on Saturday, November 04, 2000 by Stephanie Smith, e-mail: stephanie.smith@pointerrescue.org