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Jack - has a new home!

Jack is a 12-18 month, black & white Pointer who was found in rural Southern New Jersey with two other Pointers believed to be his litter mates.

Jack appears to have been raised in a kennel. He is currently in a foster home in Cecil County, Maryland, and it is reported that he keeps his living area very clean. He should adjust to house living quite well.

When I first met Jack at the shelter, he was lively & friendly. He and his 2 brothers greeted me at the gate with their tails wagging. After saying hello, Jack wanted to show me how much he likes to play by finding a squeaky toy and having a very good time pouncing on it, tossing it in the air, and barking at it!

When Jack was taken out of his run for pictures, he was very curious about his surroundings and inspected every inch of the area. He let me pet him and enjoyed having his ears and tail end scratched! He didn't shy away from my hands nor did he appear to be timid.

We believe he and his 2 brothers were abandoned by someone as all 3 were found in the exact same area but we can't figure out WHY someone would want to abandon such sweet dogs.

If you're interest in Jack, be QUICK and NIMBLE in inquiring about him. With a personality like his, he may find a home very quickly!

Uploaded on Wednesday, November 01, 2000 by Nancy Alcorn, e-mail: nancy.alcorn@pointerrescue.org