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Mama has a new home!

"Mama Dog" and "Baby Dog" were found wandering together in mid-September, 2000. They are both orange and white and their foster home believes they are mother and pup. Mama is about 20" tall and 37 lbs. She shows pointing instinct and is crate trained. Mama and Baby have been known to dig.

Here's what the foster mom says about these two:

"I found these dogs on the LBJ Grasslands near my house. I believe they were either dumped or possibly got away from a hunter. I took them to the vet to be checked out before I brought them home. They were covered with fleas and ticks. The vet said that besides being underweight and neglected, they were fine.

"Mama was the dominant of the two dogs. In the beginning she would not let the younger one eat until she was done or get attention from me until she had enough petting. She doesn't do this anymore.

"The past two weekends there have been hunters on the grasslands and when they shoot this dogs take off in the direction of the shots. This makes us believe that they might have some hunting training.

"This dog is very sweet and she deserves someone who can give her the attention she needs. She likes to play ball. I believe with some more one on one time she could be housebroken."

If you think Mama or Baby is the dog for you, contact Laura

Uploaded on Sunday, November 05, 2000 by Jeannette Potter, e-mail: jeannette.potter@pointerrescue.org