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Petey - has a new home!!!!

PETEY is a 6 year old, liver and white, neutered male who stands approximately 24" tall and weights about 60 lbs.

Petey came from a home in central NJ where he was an outside dog yet obviously well taken care of. His owner raised him from a pup but needed to place him with PRO due to heath issues in the owner's family.

When he was a puppy, Petey suffered a broken right hind leg after a car hit him but that injury has not stopped him from running and hunting in the field for the entire day without any discomfort. He also suffered an injury to the left side of his jaw, which required reconstructive surgery. Despite that injury, Petey still chews bones like a champ!

Petey is housebroken and very intelligent. He understands praise and "no" and is very loving. With a few obedience classes, Petey can be someone's "dream dog." He is a solidly built, very handsome boy (his pictures don't do him justice) and responds very quickly to the few commands he knows.

He is playful (especially with his jingle bear toy) and active but does not jump on people. He is quite a snuggler once he gets to know you but can be a bit protective once he bonds with his person. Petey is very protective of his toys but has never bared his teeth or snapped at anyone - at the most, he'll offer a warning growl. However, because of the protectiveness he exhibits, his foster home does not recommend him being placed in a home with small children.

Petey is somewhat aggressive with other large male dogs while on a leash, and will chase cats. He is, however, well-behaved with female dogs and smaller breed dogs, male or female, especially while off the leash.

Everything with this dog has improved over the short time his foster home has had him, including the few issues mentioned above.

Petey is now crate trained, loves nestling in a thick blanket, and is getting used to traveling in a car, both in and out of his crate. Upon first arriving at his foster home, it was necessary for Petey to be crated until he became acclimated to his surroundings but is now free to roam his foster mom's apartment while she is away. His foster mom reports he has been very good with that arrangement - "remarkably good for a dog that has spent most of his life outside"!

This dog has some hunting experience but needs a bit of work with the "come" command, holding his point, and focusing on birds instead of fur bearing creatures. While off the leash, he keeps his person in sight and does not run off, but he can be difficult to catch once loose. This dog needs a place to stretch and run! Petey also enjoys playing in the water, which is helpful during the warm summer months when regular runs in the field are unhealthy and unsafe for dogs!

Petey's foster mom says Petey is really a lovely dog and the only thing preventing her from keeping him is the fact he spends much more time in the house than he should. Although he does get frequent exercise, his foster mom doesn't believe that short trips to the fields or lake can substitute substitute for a place with a fenced yard, or farm where he can run and play outside all day.

Please consider making Petey a part of your home for the holidays!

Uploaded on Tuesday, November 21, 2000 by carrie sablone, e-mail: carrie.sablone@pointerrescue.org