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Cody - has a new home!

Cody is a 12-18 month old, liver & white neutered male who was found, huddled under a snow plow almost frozen to death, five day after Christmas. He was so cold when he was found that his kind foster parents thought he had suffered frostbite on his paws, nose and testicles. Thankfully, he didn't suffer any long-term effects from being out in the cold for an unknown amount of time. Lucky for Cody, he had wandered onto the property of a dog-loving couple who took pity on him. They brought him into their home, warmed him up, bathed and fed him and he's been with them ever since but they're unable to keep him because they already have 4 dogs of their own!

When our PRO volunteer and her husband went to meet Cody, they met a dog who was initially shy but warmed to them quickly. Although a little hand shy in the head area, Cody likes to be petted. He is a curious dog and explored the entire time our volunteers visited. When it was time to go outside, Cody willingly accepted a lead and did not pull on it. Once outside, he took care of business and then wanted to hurry back in out of the cold (who can blame him?!)

Cody is crate trained but does like to chew so his foster family makes sure he has plenty of appropriate chew toys for entertainment. It appears that Cody gets along well with other dogs.

Because Cody's foster family lives so close to state game lands, we believe he was either abandoned or lost following a hunting excursion. Cody is a young dog who will probably hunt with the right training. He is comfortable around men and actually seemed to prefer being with the men rather than the women during our volunteers' visit.

Please help Cody find a good, warm harm where he can spent lots of time exploring his surroundings and snuggling to his new family. He truly is a late Christmas Angel!

Uploaded on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 by carrie sablone, e-mail: carrie.sablone@pointerrescue.org