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I have a new home

WINK, WINK...Dudley is a flirt and likes to wink when you talk to him, says his foster home. He came into rescue from a shelter in North Carolina. He was heartworm positive, has since been treated, is now doing great and on preventative. He is great with all people and dogs, we are still working on cats. He doesn't want to hurt them, just hunt them unmercifully. He is learning his manners, doing well in the house, sitting, and walking pretty well on a leash...only an ocassional correction is usually needed. Though he still gets pretty wound up if so much as a squirrel crosses his path! He's definately interested in birds and squirrels. He absolutely loves tennis balls and almost has fetching down, but just gets sidetracked on the way back if so much as a gnat flies by. He does not seem to be noise sensitive.

Dudley's biggest problem is that he can hurl a 4ft fence with the greatest of ease. The foster home has been working with him on this and feel he may do well with a 6 ft fence...but we don't really know. If you think that you may have the right place for Dudley to call his forever home, contact the PRO Adoption Coordinator Carrie Sablone.

Uploaded by Jeannette Potter, e-mail: jeannette.potter@pointerrescue.org