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A Chip off the old block

What's a nice mutt like me doing in a pure breed rescue? Call it a case of mistaken identity. The person at the shelter in Alabama thought I looked all pointer when I was little, and my pictures made me look it too. But when I got to my PRO foster home in Warner Robins, Georgia, my foster parents said, Yeah, he's got a lot of pointer in him, but there's something else there, too! They say the Lab Rescue people said I look like I have some lab in me, but I probably have another breed or two as well. Just think of me as a dog show all rolled up into one lovable guy! Anyhow, PRO and my foster parents want to make sure I get a good home. Sure beats that ol' nasty shelter or my past life!

I'm about one to 1.5 years old and I've been neutered and am up to date on my shots and healthy. I enjoy playing with my four foster brothers and sisters. I really like chase and wrestle and playing with toys. I even like playing with my foster parents and their grandson and enjoy being petted and walking with my foster mom. I'm pretty smart, too. I know how to sit, shake, stay, come, and "No" (don't like that word). I also give kisses, but it took me a while to do that. You see, I wasn't treated very nice before I got to my PRO foster home and it took me a while to realize that there are nice people in the world and not everyone wants to hurt me. I'm still a little shy around strangers, but I'm learning that my foster family isn't going to let any mean people get hold of me again!

I'm a nice cute compact guy about 40 pounds. I'm liver and white, and my foster mom says I look (and act) like a freckled-faced kid. I do well in a lap or couch and I am excellent in the house. All I need is a home and family to call my very own.

Won't you let me be a part of your family? I promise to love you forever! If you are interested in making Chip a part of your family fill out the PRO adoption application and someone will contact you.

Uploaded by Tyler Johnson, e-mail: Tyler.johnson@pointerrescue.org