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A Sweet Girl Wanting to Love!

Lucille is a small, 37 pound liver and white female about 1 years old full of energy and love and hugs! She was found wandering in Middle Georgia by a kindhearted woman who tried to find her owner and then find her a home. When she was unable to do either and unable to keep her, she surrendered her to a veterinarian who contacted a PRO volunteer in Byron, GA who is now fostering her.

Lucille is spayed, up to date on her vaccines and on heartworm preventative. Lucy gets along well with other dogs, but will also entertain herself in the backyard with her toys and anything not nailed down. She has been nicknamed Lucille Ball-barker by her foster family because she loves to chase balls around the yard and bark at them. Although she is shows pointing instinct in the yard and points birds and squirrels, she has little interest in the field and appears to be gun-shy. She is very intelligent and catches on quickly. She does well in the house and is crate-trained. She is still timid around strangers but will warm up with gentle encouragement.

When she first got to her foster home she was hesitant around people and would greet them crawling on her belly. She will now wag her tail and wants to be petted, hugged and loved. Her favorite spot in the house is in your lap! Lucille is learning obedience which is helping her to learn better interact with people without being afraid. Lucy will need someone who is willing to continue with obedience and be patient with her. Her high energy and athleticism needs to be channeled, but she will reward you with a lot of love.

If you would like to learn more about Lucille, click here to fill out a PRO Adoption Application. Once submitted, the Adoption Coordinator will get in touch with you to provide additional information and put you in touch with Lucille's foster home.

Uploaded by J. Potter, e-mail: jeannette.potter@pointerrescue.org