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Beau Needs You

Beau is a very cute, highly loveable and full of fun lemon and white boy. He is probably about 1 1/2 years old. He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm negative and on preventative.

He loves to start up a good game of chase in the back yard with the other dogs. He would much rather be chased then to chase. He also loves a good game of wrestle in the dirt with his favorite dog buddies. His current foster home has 7 other dogs and he gets along superbly with all of them. It would make his dream come true to go to a family who already has at least one dog. Beau also gets along really well with children. He is a little shy of cats and his foster home isn't sure yet if he will chase them or not. He is kennel trained and loves to be in his kennel if he isn't in the backyard. He can be left alone, unsupervised in the backyard without fear of escape. They are working on his crate training and housetraining.

There was one mystery surrounding Beau's water bucket in his kennel though. It was always empty no matter how many times his foster family filled it up. It is hooked to the kennel, so it couldn't be turned over and the bucket didn't have a hole in it, but somehow, it was always empty. It was recently discovered that Beau was swimming in his water bucket. Yes, swimming! His foster family is going to take him to the lake soon to find this out for sure, but they think he must love to swim.

Beau is a little timid of people at first and he is a little skittish, so he is doing a little submissive urination. His foster family is working to overcome this. He has made wonderful progress since he has been in their home. Beau was turned into an Alabama shelter with a dog named Belle. It isn't known if they are family or just friends, but one thing is for sure, Beau really loves Belle and feels safe around her. They were at the shelter for a month. They were rescued the very day they were to be euthanized. Beau's foster family feels like Beau is probably gun-shy and was probably beaten for this behavior. He does love to point birds in the yard though. He loves to have his ears rubbed and his back scratched. All he wants is for someone with a little patience and a huge heart to adopt him.

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Uploaded by J. Potter, e-mail: jeannette.potter@pointerrescue.org