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Take me Somewhere with No Cactus

Cactus Jack, age 2, was found at Benbrook Lake by a Burleson, TX resident who was kind enough to help the poor dog. We usually don't take animals from outside the city limits, but Jack needed medical help immediately. You see, he was covered literally from inside his mouth to his toes with Cactus thorns ranging from 1/4 inch to 3 inches long. He looked like a pin cushion! Dr. Rice and his techs and several volunteers worked for 5 hours(35 hours total) straight pulling thorns with tweezers. He still has about 20% of the tiny thorns and still needs medical attention to remove them. This guy has since developed quite a sense of humor with me. When I bend over in his cage to fluff up his bed, he knudges me from behind and makes me hit my head. I know he thinks this is very funny. He also likes to get in the "puppy play" stance and bounce back and forth. Jack is very dear to our hearts and we will want to follow up on him after he is adopted. Kids over 8. Jack is neutered and good with other dogs, but a bit bossy with annoying puppies. Click on Burleson Animal Shelter and read our requirements. Vet reference and/or home visit required for adoption. If you are interested, please contact Andrea

Uploaded by Tyler Johnson