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Susie Q Needs a Home

Meet SusieQ, the koi catching pointer. That is how SusieQ ended up in the "free to good home" ads. A friend did not want her to end up chained out in someone elses back yard so she went and got her and brought her to me. What we know from the previous owners is that she orignally came from a shelter as a pup and she was an "outside" dog running free in the back yard until they figured out it was Susie that kept killing the $100 koi in the pond. So their solution was to chain her up but it had to be torture for her as she was only feet from being able to reach the pond. Susie is about 2 years old, spayed, up to date on her shots and crate trained. Susie helped with a training class held at Peaceable Paws earlier this year. Pat Miller is nationally known for her positive reinforcement training and when she brought in some "interns" earlier this year Susie was one of the dogs that attended a 6 day training course to teach positive reinforment training to these students. Right after the first of the year Susie will be attending a full fledge class to learn better doggie behavior. She is a very active girl and needs to learn that jumping on people is not nice and when she is called it is not an invition to play catch me if you can. Susie is very smart and therfore she thinks she can out smart her human. She must go to a home with a fenced yard and owners that are experienced with high energy dogs. She would love another dog to play with or even someone that runs or hikes and is very active. She loves the water so if you could provide her with a baby pool or even a big galvanized tub (like you bob for apples in) she would be happy as a little pig in sunshine. She loves to bob for fish...although we dont have fish in our tub...she looks for them daily...it is very funny to watch. Susie gets along great with other dogs although she scares little ones sometimes. She has not been exposed to cats much but shows great interest in them...not sure if she just wants to play chase or what.... Susie can be seen at www.scmradoption.com or email her foster mom at Amy Davis

Uploaded by Tyler Johnson