Pointer Rescue -- helping to make a difference

Looking for her happy ending...

(To the tune of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider")

The itsy-bitsy Pointer

Came down from Arkansas,

Before she left the shelter,

Six puppies called her "ma".

All her pups found homes and

Cyndi was left alone,

So the itsy-bitsy Pointer

Needs a home all her own!

Just like her fairy-tale namesake Cinderella, Cyndi is looking for a happy ending and she's a little princess too! Cyndi's a dainty, prancy, little girl perfect for anyone who can't decide between a Pointer and a Whippet! She's about 4 years old, spayed, HW neg., and up-to-date on everything. Like Cinderella, Cyndi probably spent her early life neglected and overworked. Her worn little elbows, emaciated body, and less-than-perfect house manners tell the story of a girl that probably lived on the cold, hard floor of a kennel - heartbreaking for a little girl that wants to be loved so badly! She's very sensitive and is good with other dogs (that aren't too rowdy) and older children (that aren't too rowdy either). She's working on her potty training and does show some signs of having to go (if you're observant) so she doesn't have too many accidents during the day. She just got here and is feeling a little anxious about being left alone again so she's a bit clingy and wants to be hugged quite frequently. We think she'll feel more secure with time and the weekly obedience classes she'll be taking. Cyndi's afraid of thunder and loud noises, but not people and will greet strangers quite happily. She'd like a relatively quiet home with someone that won't mind sharing a couch and bed with her - she's a cuddle-bug! If you'd like to make Cyndi's fairy-tale a reality, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application.

Uploaded by Cherie Edwards on 09.03.03