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Daisie Mae needs a home

This is Daisie Mae - She came to me through a friend that found her near death from lack of food and water. At that time the vet thought she was probably 8 weeks old, which would mean that she had been born aroung the middle to end of December 2002. I was intent on finding a good home but needed to discover her personality and behavior before I set out to do that.

Until July she was an indoor/outdoor dog going out with our boxer for runs several times a day. Unlike our boxer she began to be gone for far too long and I discovered that she was chasing the neighbors horses and had begun to chase cars! She is also an expert fence climber which has meant that she must be restrained and/or supervised whenever she is outdoors.

Those are her weak points; her strong points heavily outweigh the negatives! She is a very loving and loyal dog. She is extremely smart and trainable and has even self trained herself in some things (she learned how to dispense ice and water from the door of the freezer)! Her instincts are amazing, pointing at everything including butterflies! Given the opportunity of an invisible fence with room to run and someone with time to train her she will be the ideal companion, hunter, and friend!

If you are interested in Daisie Mae, you can reach me, Blair at (919) 562-1975 evenings and weekends. I am located in Wake Forest, NC.

Uploaded by Craig Andren