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Lucy is approximately 1 year old, spayed, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm negative and on prevention. She is an athletic and active girl who, after a good romp in the yard with my other dogs, enjoys to snuggle in front of the TV. She is shy at first, but warms up to you when she knows she'll be loved and snuggled. She can get jealous a little bit when the other dogs try to get some Mom time too, but a verbal correction does the trick. She loves to be on my lap. Lucy is not a jump on you too much type of dog and she's not a big face licker. She does give me the occasional kiss when relaxed and snuggling and I must admit I've spoiled her with occassionally letting her sleep in my bed.

Lucy did have a reaction to a Pro-Heart heartworm preventative shot. So she CANNOT be on that preventative. Instead she is on the monthly Heart Gard chewables (Lucy says 'YUM'). The reaction was in her skin and she lost a patch about the size of a quarter due to the bad reaction. She has completely healed (it was on her right shoulder) and once all the fur grows back, it should not be too noticeable. Lucy also had a skin reaction to the sutures used on her spay. The vet had to use a suture material that is less reactive and she did just fine. Lucy is a healthy girl, just has a sensitivity in her skin like many white dogs....it's just something to be aware of.

She is very good with other dogs and she is curious but not aggressive with cats. I think another dog playmate would be great for her. She loves to play chase in the yard. She is crate and house trained and very cute. I just love her freckles. As her foster mom, I'm falling in love with her and if she's not adopted soon, I may not be able to let her go!

Lucy is currently living with me in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please contact the kind folks at PRO by filling out a PRO Adoption Application if you are interested in adopting Lucy....she's a wonderful girl.

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