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Cici is ready for you!

Cici showed up at her foster home's doorstep on the 4th of July. She was very skinny and coverd in hundreds of ticks. After a dipping at the vet's she spent 3 days sleeping and eating. She spent another 2 -3 days sleeping a lot and slowly gaining some strength and personality.

Cici is now a normal sweet, lovable, active 3 year old dog. She is slow to wake up in the morning, but once fully awake, she is full of lots of energy and spice. She enjoys roughhousing with other dogs, chasing birds and lizards and doing other doggy activities. Cici does not show any interest in bothering cats and behaves well around children. She is quite demading when she wants attention and has been known to crawl into laps when she's feeling un-noticed.

The dogs in her foster home free feed but Cici tends to eat 1 1/2 to 2 cups of regular Iams (green bag) dog food 2 -3 times per day. As she has "fattened up" she has started eating a little less. She sleeps in the bedroom closet on an old comforter. It is the warmest place in the house and she appears to get chilled easily. Cici appears to have had some training in her previous life. She is doggy-door trained, house trained and responds to the commands - come, sit, kennel up and no. She is learning the commands - "go to bed" and "go away". She is also very good on a leash and in a car.

If you are interested in Cici, please email Michelle Jesperson or call (505)764-5799.

Uploaded by Craig Andren