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Summer is an approx. 10 mo. old, spayed, female, purebred English Pointer. She was rescued from a breezeway in a large apartment complex approx 1 month ago. Summer is extremely smart, eager to please, housebroken, playful and quickly bonds to her person. Summer is an all around athletic dog and might be a great candidate for fly ball or agility. She points and tracks small animals in the yard, but has not been field tested or hunted over. I believe she does have the potential to become a hunting dog and is learning "hunt it up" and "release" with a toy. Summer is learning her basic obedience commands and knows "sit" and "home" (come in from the yard) and has good recall (in a fenced area). She is also crate trained. Summer does have some separation anxiety and will chew or dig when bored. She will be a great addition to an active family who will spend time with her and take her to obedience classes. Summer will do best in a home with children over 10 years of age.

Contact Barb Griffin at(817) 478-6338 or jamdt@sonic.net Adoption Fee: $100

Uploaded by Cherie Edwards on 09.26.03