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Bueller is a sweet boy, very energetic and SUCH a clown! He loves to play games with me, and if I don't define the “game", Bueller will make one up, sometimes with hilarious results. Like his current fad, "steal my bath towel". I stepped out of the shower and my towel was GONE! I looked all over in the bathroom, and finally concluded that I had forgotten to set one out. After I got a new towel and dried off, I went into the living room and there was Bueller on the sofa with all his toys carefully arranged on MY TOWEL! Now he tries to take off my socks as I try to put them on, and seems to think he is being very helpful. Bueller is totally housebroken and stays in the bathroom or a crate when I'm not home. Bueller loves other dogs, and seems fine around cats as well. I have a kitten and he leaves it alone besides a good sniffing every now and again. He gets along fine with the motley crew of dogs I have at my house, from 18 pounds up to well over 100 pounds. He loves to play with his buddy Sage the Redtick Coonhound, also a foster. Bueller is VERY thin, and came to the local animal shelter as a stray. He had what appeared to be some type of chemical burns on his feet, and we are guessing from that plus his behavior, that he was locked up in a kennel for a long time without any socialization and not enough food. We think the burns on his feet are probably from standing in his own urine. Bueller is very outgoing, but may need some time to get to know a person before he is comfortable. He has gone with me to 2 adopt-a-pet events, and he was great. He had no training that we could see, but now knows "sit" and how to walk on a leash. Bueller would be great in almost any home EXCEPT with very small children. He might accidentally knock one down because he is young and bouncy. Also, his style of play might annoy some older, more sedate dogs. He was EXCELLENT in the bath, and let me trim his nails without a squirm. He needs to be crated for car rides, as he gets very scared and DROOLS! I put him in with a couple of nice, absorbent towels to lie on. If you are interested in adding Bueller to your family, please contact Jennifer at 812-360-3105.

Uploaded by Cherie Edwards on 8.16.03