Pointer Rescue -- helping to make a difference


Gabe is an approximately 2 year-old black and white pointer. He is neutered. He wandered into my yard half starved in July. He is now quite the healthy boy. Could maybe stand a couple more pounds. He was severely neglected but not mentally abused. He's like a puppy willing to learn. He has been spending very supervised time in the house. He's learning to settle on a bed, stay off counters and all those things we teach puppies. He has not soiled in the house but we take him out at the first suggestion. He potties on command now and he will go before he comes in. He will jump fences and climb out of an uncovered run. We have been working on his recall. Now we can let him loose in the yard for short periods of play as long as we're out there with him. Gabe is a very happy happy guy and very birdy. If you are interested in adding Gabe to your family, please contact Donna at DMGCMG@webtv.net

Uploaded by Cherie Edwards on 09.04.03