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I am about 3-5 years old, and I am lemon and white. I was given up by my owner to what I heard was a high kill shelter and I only had 7 days to live. I don't know what happened, but my owners had been caring for me quite well (I am fat and sassy, HW neg., and apparently healthy). I wonder if my former owners knew I was on deathrow when the PRO folks found me? But that was then. Now I have three foster brothers (2 Pointers and Banjo). I enjoy rough-housing with all my brothers (except my feline brother - I'm very excited about him in the house so I chase and scare him - guess I won't do so well in a house with a cat). I love to run in the fenced yard and look for stuff, point at flies, and generally bustle around the place. I don't jump or climb over the fence, and I love that my foster house has a dog door so I can come and go as I please. I'm very sweet, love to cuddle (and my foster mom likes that I'm not as big as the boy Pointers), enjoy sleeping in my crate (door open or closed), and I don't go potty in the house (yuck - that's what yards are for). I love kids and other dogs but as I said, I do like to chase cats! Nobody seems to know why my tail is docked - makes me look like a giant Jack Russell - but at least I don't knock things off the tables like the big pointers, and I don't swat kids in the face (like I hear can happen with long tails)!

If you think you would like to have me cuddle with you, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application

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