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Hello! My name is Cole and I am a PRO-newbie. I am actually new to a lot of things. In my short life of 2-3 years I have been denied quite alot. Love, food, a nice warm bed, toys and human companionship. You see, I was one of several hundred dogs that was kept on a farm waiting my turn to be sold for medical research. The USDA rescued me and 125 other dogs from our evil owner and placed us all in rescue groups so we could find our forever homes. I am not quite sure what that is but it has to be something terrific! I was so worried about going to my foster home. I spent a whole month in a vet kennel until I was allowed by the judge to go to this fabulous group called PRO. This super sweet lady picked me up in Hot Springs, Arkansas and drove me all the way to Ohio where I am living with my foster family. I slept most of the trip but I did get to sleep in this hotel. Boy, was that neat! I was a little scared of everything at first but the other dogs at my foster family called me a scardy cat and that made my mind up to try to like new things and not be so scared. I got microchipped, and got all my shots and then they neutered me, yee-OUCH! Luckily I got to take a long nap during that part so I really don't remember a thing. My foster mom says she is real proud of me though becuase I have taken all this like a man!! I have a lot to learn but I am adjusting very quickly. Dog beds and toys are so awesome. How did I ever live without them? The one thing I am willing to part with is my heart. I am just waiting for the right family to come along to give it to.

If you will accept Cole's heart, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application.

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