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Hello, I'm Gypsy Rose Lee!

There is no doubt I am a wanderer but have found good friends in Laura of Boxer Rescue of New Jersey who was kind enough to take me into her home as a stray. She was literally my lifesaver. I can't really tell you about my former life...but my first foster mom said it was obvious that I was not taken care of and I am only just under a year old! She spayed me and gave me all of the shots a young dog needs to succeed in this world and I am also heartworm negative. I am now at a new foster mom's in Connecticut so that I could be with my own kind...what she calls "Darling English Pointers".

My new foster brothers and sisters, mostly English Pointers love me because I like to jump and play with them. I can really hold my own. I especially love the 125lb Rottweiller mix who lets me climb on his back and nip at his ears...His big paw tries to land on me but I am like a polo pony...I am very fast and agile...The others tire me out so I am told that it would be good for me to go to a home with one or more dogs to keep me occupied. I am also told that I am just short of a genius.

I love cats and I am housebroken - finally. I am crate trained and love to curl up in it at night after a hard day's play at daycare with my foster brothers and sisters. I love car rides and love to be cuddled. I am not quite sure what hunting is as I prefer to just run and play. My new foster mom said I am the perfect house pet...Cuddly, warm, loving and lots and lots of energy. She said as I get older I will mellow...whatever that means. Anyway, I am looking for a home that will stand by my side forever. Kids are great if they don't mind me jumping on them. I probably need a little training and then I will be the quintessential house pet. I look foward to meeting you. If you want to meet me, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application today!

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