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Rebel (black and white) is approximately 1 1/2 years old and was found on the side of the Highway with a broken leg. His leg was vetted and healed nicely. He is an active boy and enjoys exercise. The county he lives in does not have a County shelter for strays, so he has been staying with a local family.

He is a beautiful dog, and has been neutered, vaccinated, and rabies inoculated. He is socialized with other dogs, and older children (age 10 and up) but is unknown with cats. Also unknown on gunshot reaction for hunting, although he has pointed before. His rescuers believe he would be a better companion dog than strictly for hunting.

He is carefree, outgoing, and friendly; but a bit camera shy while restrained. He preferred to not look at the camera. He has always been a very active boy, yet has matured some this summer, in his attention span. He is crate trained, but not much other training.

If you want to learn more about adopting Rebel, contact Vickey Baker at 712-755-2851 (Harlan, Iowa) or Cid Conn at CAREAnimalRescue@aol.com

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