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Penny is a beatiful liver and white female pointer. We guess her at around 2 years old. She loves people and is definately a candidate for someone looking for a bed partner. Around the house she is really calm and if she comes up missing there are two places to check, either her crate or the bed. However when she is outside she shows her inner pointer. She loves to run and find birds and would make a great hunting partner. She would need someone willing to work slowly with her on gun training because of her timid nature but the end product will be well worth it as she is an incredibly smart dog and can learn commands in just a few minutes of work. She does not like loud voices or lots of commotion but thrives on an evening watching football on the couch. Penny is getting used to being around other dogs but still gets frightened if they are to wild and prefers to retreat to her crate when they are around. If you are looking for a sweet pointer who will return your love 10 times over then look no further and fill out a PRO Adoption Application today!

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