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Duke is a 10-month old Pointer. He is vaccinated, neutered, and heartworm negative, and is on preventive heartworm medicine. He's a very active puppy. He is good with people, kids, and other animals. He enjoys being around our kittens, but barks and chases grown cats. He loves to play in the yard with our neighbor's dog. He's a chewer, and goes through quite a bit of rawhides and other chewables (cow hoofs, nylabones, dental ropes). He's still jumping on people, but is getting better. His favorite toys are yard playballs (rubber-balls), which usually last about 5 minutes before they burst. He's an indoor-outdoor dog. He is used to a big yard, and used to stay out all the time before he came to us. He now prefers to sleep indoors in his crate (which we keep in the kitchen). He does spend most of the day outside if weather is nice. He will get restless and let you know if he needs to go outside (but can stay in his crate all night, and be let out first light). And he'll let you know when he wants back in. He's now getting him used to walks on a leash (with halter). He'll try and wriggle out of his collar when using a leash. He's also getting some "living room priveleges". A little at a time, because he gets really happy, and jumps all over the place. He loves being on the couch and will eventually settle with his cow hoof for a bit. Overall, Duke is healthy, active "big" puppy. He needs a family with lots of space (big yard) and lots of patience. Another dog his size would be great for him too. He'll be good with older kids that can handle being jumped on, and "rough housing". He'll make someone a really wonderful pet. To adopt Duke, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application today!

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