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Lady Deb

My name is Lady Deb and I want to tell you about myself. My foster Mom says I am the sweetest, most lovable dog she has ever known. I am not sure about that, but she has had lots of dogs so I guess she knows what she is talking about. I will be five years old in March. Boy, I have not had an easy time in the last five years. I have had lots of puppies, but now I am spayed and those days are over for me. That does not mean that I can't act like a puppy now and then myself. I am housebroken, I will go in a crate if necessary, but my foster Mom lets me roam the house with my foster sister, Penny, who is a pointer too. Penny can be a snob when I want to play and just ignores me, but sometimes she will play and we have so much fun. I think other dogs are ok I do not need to be the only dog in the house, but if I am that is fine. My foster Mom has cats and they are ok, but I really just ignore them. I can be shy around strangers unti! l I get to know them. We have grandchildren 7 and 14 and it took me time to get used to them, but I love them now. They throw my ball for me and I get it and bring it back right away so they can throw it again. I can see that kids of this age can be fun. I probably would be fine with younger kids too since I have learned not to jump on people. I sit, wait, stay and lay down when I am asked. Why not, it pleases me to please my foster Mom or anyone who would love me. I have not tried to escape from my fenced yard or tried to dig my way out and my foster Mom says I have good recall. I do like my daily hikes and walks, but I think that is enough exercise for me. I would be fine living in an urban area as long as there is a park where we can walk. I like the couch, but if you do not want me up there I will lay on the floor. I have recovered from my surgery, I am HW negative and on preventative, current on my shots, and parasite free. Hey, all this is good, righ! t? Oh, I forgot to tell you I am black and white, not that looks should be important, since I would win your heart anyway with my personality.

If you are looking for a great companion dog, or like to take scenic rides (did I mention I love to ride in the car) I am your girl. I love to be where you are and enjoy your company. I do have one bad habit that I am working on and I did not want to tell you about it, but my foster Mom says I really must. I do sometimes like to chew socks or slippers. Funny, I do not do this when Mom is out, but when she is right here. Since I do not like to be scolded she just takes what I am not supposed to be chewing and replaces it with one of my toys. I get the idea, but if I am chewing my own toys she ignores me. See how smart I am. Hey, I do need a permanent home, but I would not tell you tales about myself since it is important that you like me too.

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