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Hi, my name is Duke. I am a very playful, 5 year-old, orange and white Pointer boy! Since being given up by my owner, I have had many adventures. I had to spend weeks at the animal shelter and then got to spend some time in a veterinarian’s office before I was transported to my foster Mom’s home in MD. I really like it here and enjoy playing with all of my new friends. I just LOVE other dogs and learning just how fun dog toys are! My foster Mom says I am a silly boy because I like to throw my paws up in the air when I romp and play with the rope and the ball. I also like to tell her how much fun I am having when I play by sounding out a Whu, whu, whu howling sound. I am a big, goofy, fella and will weigh about 70 pounds or more when I put on more weight. I have a healthy appetite and get so excited when it is time to eat. I am a good boy in the house and am coming along very nicely with my indoor manners. I am learning that I can not go potty inside or put my nose on the counter top to see what’s for dinner. I am a very quick learner and usually only have to be told “no” once, and I back off right away. I am also way past the puppy stage and am happy with settling down on my dog bed with a toy or snuggling with my foster Mom. I am crate trained and quiet as a mouse when I am in there. I love running and playing outside, but you have to keep an eye on me, because sometimes I like to climb over to see what is going on, on the other side. I don’t try to do this at all when my foster Mom stays out with me, but if left alone, I would get bored and want to venture out for a bit. I am neutered, up to date on all of my shots and heartworm negative. If you want to add me to your family in the New Year, fill out a PRO Adoption Application today!

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