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I'll Brighten Your Day

Are you looking for Sunshine on a rainy day? Or maybe you want to keep that glow from the first morning sunrays or I know you want that peace and relaxation while watching the sunset each night. Then maybe you should take a look at me. My name is Sunny and my name says so much about my personality. I am a very affection, loving girl. I would love to be able to sit next to you and watch the sun come down as you pet my head and we both relax together. I would also be more than happy to sleep in the room with you as the morning sunrays wake us up together. And when it is cold and rainy out side I will keep you warm and happy inside.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am about 3 years old and spayed. I am up to date with all those pokey things the vet gave me. I also have to take this pill once a month to make sure I never get worms in my heart. My foster mom tells me it really is good for me. I love kids of all ages to cuddle with and play with. I am very gentle around them. I am liver and white in color and I weigh 46#. I am also very conscience of my weight so I am trying to maintain my girly figure. I am also house broke and do like to go in my crate when you need me to. I do not chew. In fact my foster mom says it is a miracle because she brought me a stuffed animal with a squeaky toy in it a few months ago and I still have it intact. All I do is squeak it. I know some basic commands. I do come when called.

Now here is a little about my past. It is not something I really like to remember but I will tell you a little but only because I like you. I came to my foster mom in April because I had special needs. The man who I was living with let me get loose and I got hit by a car. And he brought me to a local animal shelter to have me put to sleep. But a real nice lady saw me and she brought me to my foster mommy’s house for some special TLC. The nice Dr put my elbow back in place. He said I was very lucky because all that happened to me was that it popped out of place. My foster mom had to carry me everywhere for the first few weeks because I was not allowed to put weight on it. Good thing she has big muscles. But hay I was not going to complain I love the attention. After that I was allowed to walk for short distances on a leash only so my human foster sister who is only 8 took me for walks 3x a day. But now I still have a limp but I can run with the best of them. The Dr. told my foster mom that is would just take time and my ligaments got hurt when it happened. She said I should be totally healed one day but she could not guarantee it. But hay I think the limp makes me look sophisticated. So if you think you are ready for all this sunshine in your life I will be here waiting to brighten up your day.

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Uploaded by Tyler Johnson