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May I Be Your Friend?

If May could talk, that's exactly what she'd say. She would never presume anything, she's too demure. She'd just slowly creep up, curtsey shyly, and ask ever so politely. She's the kind of dog that would say "yes, m'am" and "yes, sir" and "don't mind if I do." But don't be fooled into thinking May's spending her days sipping tea and reading up on the latest rules of etiquette. No, May can let her hair down like any true Southern lady when the company's gone home and she's got a silly side to her that will surely bring a smile to your lips! May's got lots of secrets too. No one knows from whence she came, we only know it wasn't nice! She was dropped over an 8 ft. chainlink fence into a tiny enclosure outside an animal shelter in south GA, very emaciated and full of mange - how undignified! She's filling in properly now, and her mange is all gone - most of her hair is too, but it's coming back! And May will never tell her age. Somewhere between 1 and 8 is our guess! She has the exuberant playfulness of a young girl but the battle scars of a older woman. She's a petite little thing (from malnutrition?),her teeth are chipped - who knows what she must've had to eat - and she has a scar on her throat from either a chain or an embedded collar. Her rough past has made her a bit shy, but her heart is still full of hope and happiness. She's spayed, HW neg., and fully vetted. Like Cinderella, May's not dwelling on the harshness of her past but looking to the future to find her Fairy Godmother or Prince Charming. Won't you help her find her fairy tale ending and be her forever friend?

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Uploaded by Tyler Johnson