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Southern Charm

Sally is a lovely probably 4 year old lemon & white spayed pointer female found with puppies in South Carolina. She is up to date with shots and is heartworm negative. She is very people oriented and should have the nickname “drummer” or “thumper” since her tail beats out a tattoo on anything near her when she sees you. She is housebroken and very well behaved on a lead when we go for walks. She has made no attempt to get out or over my 6 ft privacy fence. She is not “birdy”, ignoring even the birds at the feeder next to her when she outside. We are working on her counter surfing. She knows “no” and will crate upon command, although she would much prefer to sleep next to your bed. Sally can’t seem to get enough petting and attention and could use lots of love.

We are working on making car trips more enjoyable and she now hops in the back seat for quick trips to the post office and bank. She is a quiet dog and does not bark even when other dogs in the neighborhood are barking. Sally lives with a large 13 year old Maine coon cat and is a little cautious around her, giving her lots of room. Sally will get on the sofa if you want a couch potato but gets right down at a “no”. We are working on basic commands such as sit and stay. She shows no food aggression and we are working on the difference between dog food and cat food since she sees all food as “Sally” food. She very gently accepts treats handed to her so fingers are safe. She is calm around the older children (9-15) in the neighborhood but they are all dog owners and know not to make abrupt moves around new dogs.

If you are interested in adtoping Sally, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application.

Uploaded by Cherie Edwards