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Emma Lou

Deep brown eyes that look into your soul and steal your heart. The touch of a chin, soft as a feather on your lap. Ears like fine silk that graze your cheek as she reminds you that it is morning and time to get up. Emma Lou is as close to a perfect rescue as I have ever had the opportunity to foster.

Emma was found as a stray, skinny and malnourished in the St Louis, Mo. area. I still can't believe that her family did not look harder for her, as it is clear that she was someone's beloved pet.

Emma is a young dog, I would estimate between 18 mo's and 2 years of age, yet her manners are impeccable. She does not jump on people, she is quiet in the house, she stays off the furniture and her morning greeting consists of two front feet on the bed, the rest of her on the floor. Not that she would not want to join you if you asked, but she will wait to be asked.

Take Emma outside and the picture changes. After all, she is a dog bred to hunt, and hunt she does. Emma is a classic pointer bred for the field. She is extremely birdy and loves to point anything that flies (and yes, that includes flies). Give her something interesting to point however, and she really shows her stuff. She can lock in on a pigeon at 20 paces and I would love to see what she can do on quail or pheasant.

Emma has just two drawbacks... and both are fixable with a little work.

1. She is “deaf” when she is hunting, which is all the time. She will not come, won't even look at you. Take this girl off leash and she will be looong gone. Obedience training is MANDATORY if you want to adopt Emma, and you need to be prepared to work at it. A fenced yard is also mandatory.

2. She digs. Actually, to describe what Emma does as digging is an understatement. Emma engineers, excavates, creates works of art. She does trenches, fox-holes, craters. If you are into landscaping, this dog is probably not for you (unless you can appreciate her efforts as well). However, I will send off some good suggestions for channeling this behavior to whoever might want to adopt Emma.

Emma is spayed, is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative. She is good with other dogs, cats and children. Her personality is unflappable.

Emma must be a house dog first and foremost, and a hunting home will be preferred as well to channel her instincts.

If Emma sounds like the dog for you, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application.

Uploaded by Cherie Edwards