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Am I Your Mr. Right?

If Henry was a person, he'd either be your best pal or the man of your dreams! He'd be the kind of guy that men admire and women adore. He's athletic and outgoing, but he's also sensitive, a good listener, and loves kids - a "party animal" AND a Prince Charming, all wrapped up in the same orange & white fur!

Henry is a young man, about 2, who loves a good run or wrestle in the yard with his people and dog friends but isn't too macho to enjoy a snuggle on the sofa afterwards. He was found wandering the streets in east KY, but he says his wandering days are behind him (he's neutered!) and he's ready to settle down. His idea of a perfect date would be a day spent romping in the outdoors followed by a quiet evening cuddling inside with his favorite person. He's not looking for any short term relationships - he wants someone to love forever.

If Henry sounds like your Mr. Right, contact PRO and we'll get Henry into your life!

Uploaded by Craig Andren