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Ricki is a very sweet and very young 18 month old male. He was incredibly submissive when he first came to his foster home, around both people and other dogs. He has come out of his shell nicely in the weeks that he has been in foster care and is affectionate and VERY playful with other dogs! He adores the 12 month old GSD foster "brother" and they would rough-house all day if allowed! He is a real furniture dog, but has learned to relax on a dog bed most of the time. He was not originally crate trained or housebroken but is making great strides in both. Ricki has a very young attitude, much like a pup, and is still growing out of his chewing stage. His foster home believes his early treatment was less than appropriate and he is now enjoying his youth much more! Ricki is currently crated during the day: when he has had enough, he will vocalize.

Ricki is an absolute doll and deserves a home that is willing to work with him and show him tender care so he continues to improve his self confidence. His home will need to understand his activity level and be wiling to give him plenty of exercise and play. A home with another young, playful dog would be perfect! He is great with cats and young kids as well. He is learning to walk on lead on long country walks.

If you are interested in adding Ricki as a member of your family, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application.

Uploaded by Cherie Edwards