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Odis will steal your heart!

Odis is a very sweet intact male about 1 year of age who only takes a minute to worm his way into your heart. He is white with orange on his ears and head and seems to be smiling all the time.

Odis is housebroken, loves all animals including cats and adores every person he comes in contact with! He just wants to be talked to, petted or to have someone toss toys for him to zoom after. He is also content just to be in the same room as you are. Odis loves to run for the sheer joy of running but comes to you the minute you call him; he could use work on leash walking. He does not jump up on people or furniture. Odis takes food from your fingers in the most amazingly gentle manner and is not fond of sweets, but cheese seems to be a favorite! Odis would make a wonderful addition to any one who wants a lifelong 4 legged companion.

If you would like to find out more about Odis, please contact Carri.

Uploaded by Craig Andren