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Emma is a 2 year old purebred english pointer that was recently pulled from a kill shelter. She is white with liver spots, weighs 40 pounds, and shows strong pointing instinct. She is spayed, heartworm negative, and up to date on shots and heartworm preventative. She is very friendly and loves other dogs and people. She lived her early years in a hunting kennel and is still skittish with loud noises and new situations. Emma needs a home with a fenced yard and an active family. Another dog and older children in the home are preferred. She would not be a good hunting partner - she is too skittish. She had a full vet work up done in early May (when she got spayed) - everything is good. She seems to like kids just fine but she's very full of energy! I wouldn't want her to knock them down. With parental supervision and enough space, she'd probably be okay. She's been contained in my 6 foot wooden fence - no attempts to escape. She's fairly well housebroken (has had 1 accident inside). She does have some anxiety relating to her leash and being walked - she cowers and refuses to move when you leash her. She does best with a fenced yard. We're working on the leash issue. No counter surfing or horrible behavior. She does like to chew but has only been chewing on her toys since she's been here. At her other home, she chewed quite a bit and got herself into trouble. BUT, her owner left her in a crate for about 12 hours a day and she only had ONE chew toy. I keep at least one toy in every room of the house! She loves to play with our pointer but plays rough and my other EP is too timid and is terrified of her. She is currently in foster care with us but needs to placed ASAP.

She's a very sweet girl and would make a great companion to an active person or family who have enough space for her to use up her energy. If you are interested in adding Emma to your family, please contact galvin@bellsouth.net.

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