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Miss Evie---What could I possibly write that would capture the essence of this tender soul? Evie is a 3-5 year old black and white female. She came to us from a shelter in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I saw a picture of her a week before I picked her up but nothing prepared me for what I would see the day we met. She had starved herself during the two weeks she was in the shelter. I could see every bone in her body. I was also not prepared for her cowering and shyness. In the hour and 15 minutes it took us to get home, I held her in my arms and she buried her head in the crook of my arm. She shook the whole way and never glanced up. When we got her home, she found a corner and laid down, buried her head in her body, and stayed that way for the rest of the day and into the night. She finally got up the next morning and ate. She was famished. For days she continued to remain isolated and depressed. Eventually she made her way to my couch in the living room and there she began a little at a time to let us nurture and love her. In the first two weeks with us she gained 10 pounds. I thought she would never get full. (smile) She eats well and is house trained.

She is not aggressive around other dogs or cats, but I believe she would be happier in a home where she was the main attraction.

Evie is naturally demure, but I am convinced that she was severely neglected and because of this kind of lifestyle for the last three to five years, she is very tired. This sweet soul deserves to be treated like the Southern Lady that she is for the rest of her life. Her favorite place is cuddled on the couch. I think she would be best placed with an older person or couple who has lots of time to nurture her, and who do not require a bouncing pup full of get up and go. If it's a running buddy or a companion for another pet you are seeking, Evie would not fit the bill. However, if you are looking for a best friend who will stay by your side as you stroll in the park, or leisurly walk with you on the sands of the beach, she is the one for you. She is loyal and she is true. Her tender heart will melt your own. If I didn't already have three dogs, two cats, and a bird I wouldn't be writing this bio. It will be hard to let her go.

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