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Jack was rescued from a shelter in South Carolina. His days were numbered, but a rescuer picked him up and he took a very long trip to Connecticut to his foster home.


I must say it is not bad here at all certainly better than being in a shelter. At first I was not sure what was going to happen to me and boy was I scared, but I soon learned that I could trust my foster mom and began to show my true personality. I love my foster sister Penny and I think she likes me too we play together all the time. I really like all the dogs I meet so I am hoping that when I find a permanent home there will be another dog there too so we can play. My foster mom has two cats, but they don't bother me so I do not bother them. When I am full of myself I like to bark at them just to get a reaction, but that does not work with these two since they are used to dogs. I may just give up on them. The vet thinks I am about 2 years old, but I can act like a puppy and get excited when I am happy. I used to have to go in a crate when my foster mom left for a long time, but I have improved my house manners and she lets me roam the house with Penny. Of course, she leaves me with lots of acceptable toys to play with. My foster mom calls me Jumping Jack since I do not run, but hop like a rabbit. I am housebroken and want to say how much I just love attention, as matter of fact, I try to push Penny aside and hog all the love, but Penny puts me in my place. I like when we have company because I really love people too. My favorite past time: a hike in the woods, taking a nice long walk around the neighborhood, a ride in the car, or go to the tennis courts to really get a chance to run. I try to catch Penny, but boy, is she fast. Of course, rest is nice after a good run and that couch is so comfortable. I like the floor to sleep on too so if you do not have a dog couch that is ok. The food here is really good I like this warm place to sleep and love to be loved. I really am one happy guy. I think I have a bunch of guardian angels named PRO.

Foster Mom:

Jack is just a sweet, loveable, lemon and white guy. He is HW negative, on preventative, neutered, parasite free, and has had his shots. Jack did have a problem with infections in his ears in the past which caused his left ear to crinkle which gives him a unique, but not all that noticeable, look. The vet explained that it was from shaking his head so much when his infection was neglected causing blood vessels in the ear to burst. The vet recommended that his ears be cleaned once a week just for precaution. Jack is very cooperative and lets you clean his ears easily. Jack is used to a small fenced yard and has not tried to escape by jumping or digging his way out. Jack was a very frightened boy when he came here. For some reason, I wish he could tell me, he had an aversion to any door and would cringe if he had to go in or out. He has since mastered that fear and now tries to beat Penny in for his treat. Jack is learning to walk on lead, but he can pull a great deal so I have trained him with an electronic collar and he is just a delight to walk. Jack is not shy around strangers and I have tested him with a three year old and he passed with flying colors. He is not a jumper, knows sit, wait, stay, down, loves people, other dogs, and kids. He would be a wonderful companion for a family or individual.

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