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Bullet is a neutered English Pointer somewhere around 3 years old. I would guess that he may be slightly younger. Bullet is first and foremost a great pet around the house. We allow our pointers in the house when we are home as long as they mind their manners. Bullet is extremely well behaved in the house and has obviously spent a great deal of time inside. He is trained in all of the obvious requirements such as potty trained and chewing but he is also good at quietly entertaining himself. He loves to be pet but when the spotlight is not on him, he is happy to lie on his back and chew on a toy. He goes directly into a crate or kennel and is literally silent. He has not shown food aggression towards our pointer and certainly none towards us. He takes the occasional treat from our hand with the most ginger mouth imaginanable. Bullet is truly an exceptional pet around the house.

Bullet is a beautiful pointer. He obviously comes from hunting breeding because of his coloration (nearly pure white) and his muscle mass. Bullet is by far the most muscular pointer I have ever seen. It appears that he has had training because he will sometimes cower at a stern command or if you wave your arm over his head. Although I have no way to be certain; I do not think Bullet is a hunter. He needs a good home that does not include cats. At least not cats that have been raised with dogs and believe dogs are just something that wants to lick them because I do not think that is what Bullet has in mind. We do not have children, and Bullet has not been exposed to any that we know of but I would be reluctant at this point. That would be true of any dog I was not completely familiar with. Bullet gets along extremely well with our 5 year old, female, pointer. I have not let him run free on our daily walks because he really is not our dog and I would rather err on the side of conservatism. Bullet seems very content to walk on his 50 foot lead and sniff whatever comes his way. We walk our dogs in a large leash-free area with many other dogs running loose. Bullet has never been allowed to run off of lead and has not been in contact with unfamiliar dogs, but he seems to love our female pointer.

Bullet would be a great pet for many situations. He quickly bonded with us and is very content. He is truly a low maintenance pet. Except for his issue with cats he is the perfect pet around the house. If you want Bullet to whirl into your life, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application today!

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