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What can I say about this petite girl that could do her justice? She is a very sweet and loving dog who has had a hard life. She is scared, but wants to trust and love someone again. When she first came to stay with us she would cower at any movement or noises. She was to scared to even come into the house, but when she is outside her true self comes out. Dot does not just run and play she prances and hops around the back yard. She shows excellent pointing instincts and is very proud of herself when she finds something. However she is scared of noises so she probably would not do well as a hunting dog. Dot has been with us now for close to two weeks and is starting to come out of her shell. She loves to cuddle under the blankets with us on the couch and after she opens up will shower you with kisses. Dot is very good with other dogs and cats. However she is scared in the beginning. She will settle in after she gets the chance to know them. Dot is also very gentle and loving with kids. She will get in bed with my two year old daughter and lay down next to her so she can love on her. Dot does very well on a leash and is an excellent passenger in the car. She does however like to chew on stuffed animals, even if they do not belong to her. My daughter has lost a couple that way. Dot is also almost totally house trained. Its been over a week now with no accidents.

Dot deserves a loving home that will give her the second chance she is longing for. After all this girl has been threw, for her to be as gentle and as loving as she is, it says a lot about what kind of companion she could be. I am available for adoption so if you are interested just fill out a PRO Adoption Application

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