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Duce or Duck (look at marking on his face)

Duck/Duce is about 20 months according to the vet, liver and white, male Pointer, that was rescued from a shelter in Alabama. He is a very calm, sweet, intelligent, obedient dog who does not seem to suffer from any baggage of his past. He was found hanging around a new housing development near Madison, AL then spent a month at animal control while PRO arranged for foster care in the Atlanta, GA metro area. It is hard to believe that someone isn’t missing this dog, but he does not have a microchip, tattoo or tags. Duck gets along with dogs and cats, men and women and children too. He is just a nice, solid, lovable dog who enjoys play with his canine foster brothers, is happy to let his foster brother be the alpha dog, and enjoys sharing time with people. He loves to run in the backyard, hasn’t been seen to point, chases the ball but doesn’t know to bring it back, sits on command for his treats, and goes to bed on his doggie bed when the sun sets and the house settles down. He does not jump the fence or dig. He learned how to use the dog door in 3 days and now goes out to potty. He is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, neutered and microchipped. Duck is a classic loving, attentive Pointer, so please help him take advantage of his second chance, by filling out a PRO Adoption Application today!

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