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Bring Home a Happy Face!

HI! I’m Lilly! I may be blind in one eye, but I can sure see the good life! A nice comfy people house, yummy food, toys and people to snuggle with! I LIKE IT!! I was a bit skinny, but with the good food here, I’m getting back my girlish figure. I was a little timid, but they say I’m “coming out of my shell” more everyday. I’m still not too sure about those stairs. New things on my blind side worry me, but I get used to it. They put a bench by the door and I wasn’t really sure if it was safe to walk by – but it didn’t move for days, so it’s ok now. I think toys are really fun! You gotta watch those fluffy ones that try to sneak away from you though … you have to pounce on them so they don’t get away! Sometimes I toss them myself so I can jump on them!!! Did you know, some of them squeak?!?

We estimate that Lilly is about 4 years old. She is black & white and will be around 45 pounds when she fills out. Her eye doesn’t cause her any problems and does not look bad. Lilly has tried to initiate play with our dogs. We had another dog here a few days, and they had a blast playing and wrestling. She is not too hyper. She does like to run and trot outside in the yard sometimes. She still tracks and points sometimes – as you can see above, that butterfly didn’t go unnoticed. She really loves curling up beside you on the couch to be loved on. We don’t think she had that much attention and now that she has had a taste, she’d like it all the time. She is housebroken. We did have her in a crate, but have been leaving her out at night, and now during the day. She is very good in the house. She has only bothered one thing – and we were home!! Lilly will be a wonderful addition to someone’s life – as long as you like to cuddle!

If you would like to add Lilly to your family, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and an adoption coordinator will contact you soon!

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