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It's MY Turn Now

Come on already - where are my people??

I was adopted once and in a home for a few years until my family's circumstances changed and I was sent back to a PRO foster home. I like it here and they like me, but I'd like a family to call my very own. I've been here almost 3 years. But it's only because I had a pee problem. We finally got that solved - I have to take pills everyday, but it's not a big deal and they aren't very expensive. I gobble them right up too!

I have a good bit of energy, but not a big attention span. My foster parents throw stuff for me sometimes, but that's only fun for a few minutes. Then I have to see what else is going on. Sometimes I like to throw my toys for myself and then pounce on them. You have to pounce on 'em so they don't get away! Tug is fun too.

I like to be on the move outside. There are birds and squirrels and stuff to stalk and bark at. I could be out all day watching them. Those ol' birds hide from me in the trees, but I know they are there and I tell them so! Can't fool me! I'd like to find a home with a big fenced yard to keep an eye on the birds. I also like lying in the doorway and surveying my territory. I am definitely a house dog. It took me a while, but I have learned to come in, chill out and take naps in the house. I admit, I'm not the biggest cuddler. I don't mind some scratching or some belly rubs and I do like to give kisses, but I like my space. Then again, with more of it, I might like it more and more. I did take a nap with the lady the other day. I curled up by her legs.

I will play with other dogs and think chase is great fun! I will taunt other dogs with a toy to try to get them to play. I'm a bit much for little dogs. I just want to play, but I can be overwhelming. I definitely don't think cats would appreciate me.

I might like to be a jogging or running partner. I've been to the shore once. I was pretty brave about getting in the water. I kept an eye on that floating stick though - it kept moving and it might have tried something!

I could use some more one on one attention. I don't get enough of that here cause my foster family has lots of other dogs. I know sit and I am crate trained. In fact I zoom in because there's always a cookie in there! I'm allowed to sleep on the couch at night instead of in my crate now. I'd sleep upstairs in the people's room, but one of the other dogs is grumpy. I almost always come quickly when I'm called (but I have to make one last zoom around the yard first.) I have not been tested off-leash outside of a fenced yard.

So how about it? Can I come live with you?

Lily has come a long way since she's been here. She used to just run in, check in and head back outside. Now she wants to be in the house with us. She has started to enjoy scratches a lot and has even started to lay with her head on our feet when we’re sitting on the couch.

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