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My name is Chloe. I am a very pretty, black and white little girl. My mom agrees that I am about 1 to 1.5 y.o. cause I run like a crazy girl sometimes. I weigh 42 lbs. but recently I did weigh quite a bit more because I had a dozen puppies!! My girlish figure is slowly coming back and my foster mom says I just look fabulous! Here's the good news.......I am the sweetest little girl ever, I dont growl, fight and I share all my food and toys with my foster brothers and sisters. I looooooooove to sit on the sofa (and on my foster mom's lap) and watch tv for hours on end. I also love to sleep in bed with her (she let's me, but if she says no, I go and sleep next to the bed)! I dont even want to get up to go outside in the mornings, I am just so comfy. Plus, I spent so many days and nights with no one to call my family, that I just want to be near someone ALL the time. Now here's the bad news, I am a little scared of men. I am not sure why but they scare me. Now I do love my foster daddy, I have warmed up to him because he gives me the ear twirl. That's when he twirls my ear round and round and it feels sooooo good. I would never harm a man, I'm just a little afraid till I get to know you. All I want is to play and have a mommy or a daddy and I will be the happiest little girl around! Oh and btw, I dont mind cats either!

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