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Elvis is in Heartbreak Hotel

Elvis is a friendly and energetic boy in need of a home. He was found as a stray just north of Pocatello, Idaho, possibly after getting separated from his hunting partner(s). His experience with cats has been promising - he's curious, but shows his interest with no intentions of chasing them. Most other dogs don't seem to be a problem either, but once in a while someone (usually another intact male) will upset him. New people (including kids) aren't an issue for him either. He's very birdy and would definitely enjoy hunting, although his gunshyness is unknown. His jowls make him a bit on the sloppy side when drinking too. Elvis also appears to have worked on a leash before - he knows how to untangle himself fairly well after his flexi gets wrapped around a sage bush. However he still pulls quite a lot and doesn't know "sit," "down," or any other basic commands so basic training for him will be necessary. Indoors, he loves attention and would likely love to lay on your lap after some exercise. Elvis's dream day would involve going for a nice long walk with his people, coming home, and lounging on the couch for a couple hours getting loved on.

Elvis is currently vaccinated for Parvo and Coronavirus, and he will be neutered as well as vaccinated for Rabies and Bordetella before adoption. If you think you're the one for Elvis, then please fill out a PRO Adoption Application!

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