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Murphy's Law: Everyone Must Play With Me!!

OK, so Iím not a perfect pointer. I have a bigíol overbite and a sickle tail but my foster parents think Iím absolutely adorable. And, of course, THEYíRE RIGHT!

I like it here, but Iím looking for a family of my very own. I would very much like a dog sibling (or 2!) to wrestle, play and romp with. Iím pretty good at fetch, and I know I can get better with practice Ė I just donít understand why they always want the ball back!

I am housebroken and crate trained, and the few times Iíve been left unsupervised, I havenít bothered anything in the house. I still need to work on my manners a little bit Ė I love people so much I just canít help jumping on them, but Iím trying to learn not to. Iím also learning not to vault over the furniture! I love other dogs and people of all ages, including kids!

When I first got into rescue, I had heartworms, but Iíve been treated and Iím all better. Iíve been neutered (ouch!) and am up to date on all my shots. Oh, I'm about 2 years old.

Can I come play with you? Please fill out a PRO Adoption Form so I can come to your house soon!!

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