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"Hellooo! I'm Cy and I'm a ball dog. And a bird dog. And a squirrel dog. Heck, if I think I can catch it, they'd better watch out! I was born a little over 10 months ago while in rescue. I was adopted as a young pup, but my first home was no longer able to keep me, so I am back! Along with my big boy pictures you can see a picture of me below as baby, laying with my brother. I love long walks, but I love a big fenced yard better. When I get outside I have a lot of energy... I love to go, go, go! I spend my days wrestling with my English coonhound friend and I never get mad at other dogs at the dog park. Not many can run as fast as me anyway.

I like my crate a lot... it's cozy and warm and I can keep all my toys in there. Sometimes I get locked in my crate, but it's okay... I've got peanut butter kongs and bison bones and everything a dog could want to chew on. I like kids a lot and wrestling with humans is almost as fun as wrestling with dogs. Maybe only kids above 6, though. Sometimes when roughhousing I forget we're not all dogs, and I need humans who understand that. Oh, and sometimes I forget I weigh so much! 50 lbs! Holy smokes! I finally grew into my paws!

I'm an indoor dog now, but an indoor/outdoor dog at heart. There's nothing better than a warm, sunny patch of backyard with a tennis ball whizzing by. Except maybe a cozy couch in front of the TV. It's so hard to decide! It only took me 2 days to get house trained at this house, so your house can't be that much more difficult. My foster mom is trying to teach me leash etiquette and I'm working really hard at it. Well, I'm working hard it when there aren't any birds around! Hey, I'm a pointer! I can do anything!"

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